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Marijuana legalization is less about respecting individual choices, and more about increasing government revenues. Recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada in 2018. However, “legalized” doesn’t mean that : anything goes. Here are some basic rules that you should know! Many of the national findings observed since legalization are also evident at the provincial , level, including increases in the numbers of residents in all provinces reporting having obtained cannabis from legal sources and fewer residents in seven of ten provinces reporting having obtaining it illegally (Table3). In the early months following legalization, there were concerns about shortages of legal cannabis across Canada, making room for the black market. This was in part due to the slow roll-out in opening retail stores, especially in Ontario. On October 28, 2019, the Cannabis Council penned a letter to Ontariorsquo;s Premier, the Honourable Doug Ford, confirming that there is ample supply of cannabis for the adult recreational market and no longer a shortage. The Cannabis Council represents 35 federally licensed cultivators which accounts for about 90% of the production of Canadarsquo;s legal cannabis cannabis legislation canadaThe CMA supports Canada’s Lower-Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines, a publication of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health that offers 10 science-based recommendations to help individuals lower the health risks of cannabis use. Sponsored , Content Before we dive into the regulations, it’s important to understand what they are and why they exist. , The Cannabis Act Promotion Prohibitions are regulations designed to limit and control the promotion of cannabis, cannabis accessories, and services related to marijuana. These regulations apply to any company or person involved with promoting cannabis 8211; and failure to follow these laws could result in a hefty fine or even imprisonment. By the first day of cannabis legalization on Oct. 17, 2018, the only legal method to purchase cannabis was through the online Ontario Cannabis tasting marijuanaLong before cannabinoid testing began, customers made their choices mostly based on smell and color. After that, taste and of course potency. Even today, with all the knowledge we have available when making our weed purchases, , there is nothing more appealing than a jar of colorful buds. The strain Northern Lights is also a short, stocky, and hardy plant that produces the classic “Christmas tree” shape. Due to its reliability and flavor profile, Northern Lights has been crossed with many strains to improve their vigor, shorten growth time, and potentially even save their genetics. These factors make Northern Lights one of the best marijuana strains for beginner growers, too. It’s deep relaxation you’re after? Look no further than Purple Urkle. (Well, you can look much, much further… but the Urkle is a fantastic place to begin!) This Indica is a nighttime go-to for many people looking to drift into dreamland without delay.


facts about legalizing marijuana in canada

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